An innovative and patented system,
unique in the world!
Currently it is common practice to keep the pans in a kitchen cabinet, under the sink, stacked in more or less unpractical deep cookware drawers and – more often than you might imagine – in the kitchen oven!

We all are familiar witht he hassle that comes when we have to take a pan from its storage location – we have to pull out all the stacked pans, put them on the table, choose the one of the size we need and finally store them back in their inconvenient location.

This procedure is not only annoying, but at times also difficult, especially for elderly people.

Thw HangingPans - Italian Hook System solves all these problems! Thanks to the patented handle and the appropriate hanger/rack, the pans can be hung and taken easily in an instant! Taking a frying pan has never been easier! You open the door, choose the pan you want to use and grab it – without havingto move any of the other pans, without lifting them or even touching them and then close the door: time needed – 3 seconds!

Thanks to the innovative system we suggest, the pans acquire three fundamental features:

1) The pans save space - The HangingPans have the characteristic of being space-saving. This is due to the possibility of being able to hang the pans on a rack – the Appendino. The latter is an accessory that, though small in size (24 cm length), is capable of accommodating up to 6 pans of any size and can be easily installed in a variety of places – kitchen cupboards, wall cabinets, wooden or amsonry walls., etc. Thus, this system creates additional storage space.

2) The pans protect themselves – currently it is common practice to keep the pans stacking one over the other somewhere and, in an attempt to prevent scratches and dents on the pans’ surface, a kitchen towel, squares of bubble wrap or disks of cardboard between each of them. With the PadelleAppese system however, because hte pans remain separate and independent, it is not necessary to put anything between the pans.

3) The pans are comfortable to use – grabbing and storing the HangingPans is easier, faster and more comfortable, making their use a true daily pleasure. You’ll be wondering why we haven’t been doing this for years!