We proudly present a new pan storing system called

HangingPans– Italian Hook System

This system avails itself of an innovative and patented handle, which, though similar, differs significantly from the traditional handles. Instead of having the simple hole in one end, it features a hook-shaped portion (see below) and...

A traditional handle (left) and the handle of the new HangingPans (right)

e ..comes with a simple rack, the “hanger” on which the HangingPans can be hung.

The “Appendino” - Chromed iron hanger

Traditional Pan Storying System

Italian Hook System - HangingPans.

Stacked pans under the sink

Hanging pans under a kitchen sink

Stacked pans under a kitchen drawer

Hanging pans in a small space

Stacked pans in an oven

Hanging pans over a kitchen sink

Hanging pans in a cupboard

Places where the “Appendino” – hanger, rack can be positioned:

On a wall over the sink

In a small cupboard under the sink

In a high cupboard

On the side of a kitchen counter